What We Do

Execute the right strategy and MOVE THE WORLD. As experts in political consulting, fundraising, and advertising, we know that the right strategy wins.

Olson Strategies and Advertising offers everything you need to run a successful campaign from beginning to end.

Unlike other consulting firms, we have created a one-stop shop to get you one step closer to victory.

Because of our structure and our understanding that no two campaigns are alike, we can offer one or all of the following services to make your campaign successful.

With more than 30 years of combined political and campaign experience, Olson Strategies can use its vast background to craft the right campaign plan and give candidates, campaign staff and key volunteers critical advice and support to ensure victory.

Drawing from a deep reservoir of strategic experience and an understanding of proven strategic principles, we have developed systems for campaign development that replicate success for our clients.

Using our Four Pillars of Strategy methodology, we will help you answer the right questions each step of the way.

  • Where are we going?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • Does it get us votes... donors... results?

Not only can we help answer these critical questions, but we have the unique ability to build the systems and accountability within a campaign to create laser-focus and consistent daily progress.

Through the entire process, we guarantee that you will receive individualized attention from beginning to end. We strive to help each candidate achieve his or her greatest potential and when they employ our approach and methods, they achieve more than what was thought possible.

What do we provide, ultimately? Roadmaps and Blueprints. Solutions and Answers. Direction and Confidence.



It’s simple. The more money candidates raise; the more likely they are to win. That’s why fundraising is so critical to your campaign. Olson Strategies has a proven ability to give campaigns the systems and tools necessary to maximize their fundraising capacity. In fact, our clients have set past fundraising records at the Federal, state and local levels.

We believe campaign resources are one of the main factors that determine success or failure in an election. The keys to ensuring fundraising success are creating a plan, putting in place strong mechanics and organization, and then having the desire, discipline, effort, and teamwork to execute the plan. Successful fundraising requires consistent daily progress right out of the gate. If the candidate and those around him or her are willing to put in the effort necessary to raise money, we can help them multiply themselves and meet their goals.

We find that the most difficult part for most campaigns is building the infrastructure and organization to:

  • Work with and coordinate the entire fundraising team
  • Ensure the right donors are being contacted
  • Implement proper follow-up and data collection
  • Make consistent daily progress and keep the campaign accountable to the fundraising plan and goals

Without that structure, meeting the fundraising goals is nearly impossible. The Olson Strategies team is uniquely qualified to build the organization and provide the discipline necessary to succeed. We know how to navigate the tricky terrain of launching a campaign and getting people to buy-in quickly to meet the necessary goals and to achieve success.

Find out how we can employ our proven approach to work for you today.


FIRST IN HIS CLASS Colorado Recall Victor Bernie Herpin Top Senate Fundraiser

For the 2014 election cycle, one Republican Colorado State Senate candidate raised more money than the rest. That candidate was State Senator Bernie Herpin. In 2013 and 2014, he raised nearly $190,000 with an individual donor and PAC donation limit of $400 and an even more restrictive $200 limit – the most restrictive in state history – during his unprecedented recall victory over the sitting State Senate President. 

With such strict fundraising limits, Senator Herpin needed a focused fundraising plan and strong team to achieve such fundraising success. Olson Strategies was proud to provide the necessary infrastructure, expertise and support to help Senator Herpin raise more money than any other Republican State Senate candidate.


Direct Mail

Using targeted voter data, we know almost everyone who is likely to cast a ballot in each election. Direct mail is one of the most useful, tangible ways to repeatedly target the right voters. Olson Strategies has a proven track record of designing effective direct mail that is clear, innovative and memorable to voters. What good is the right message if no one knows what it is?

Phone Services

Smart Phone Bank Technology

In a traditional phone bank, a typical volunteer makes on average 26 calls/hour. With our phone banking solution, your volunteers can make more than 70 calls/hour.

Our smart VoIP phone bank technology reduces volunteer fatigue by eliminating the need to read phone lists, dial numbers, and leave answering machine messages.

Traditional campaign bottlenecks like data-entry are eliminated by streamlining the process of collecting and appending your voter identification information into your campaign database.

The combined effect is that you cover a lot more ground with a lot less effort. We use this system for everything from volunteer recruitment, voter contact and issue ID calls to also significantly enhancing fundraising call time.  They can even be your office phones.

Our VoIP phone banking solution will be your secret weapon.

Learn More Here



Automated Phone Calls

Cost effective and quick, we can get your message broadcast to your targeted list of voters in a matter of minutes. Simply call our hotline, email us your list, and your message will shortly be in voters’ homes.  We can provide you with advice on the best scripts and practices to get the most out of your calls.

Automated Voter ID Surveys

Often times, campaigns want to know which individual households are with them, against them or undecided about their upcoming election. Automated voter ID surveys give campaigns the lay of the land at an affordable price.

Paid Live Calls

Whether it’s for fundraising, voter turnout, or voter identification, we can provide professional live callers who specialize in political calls.

Cheryl Johnson

Indiana Volunteer Coordinator

“Over the years, I've made thousands of ID and persuasion calls and organized countless phone banks. Without a doubt, this phone system is the best. They can give any campaign or organization an edge.”

Printing and Collateral

Campaign Literature

Whether you’re running for dogcatcher, President of the United States or any office in between, it’s important that you have something tangible to hand voters and donors so they know what your campaign is all about. Olson Strategies can write, design, and print professional palm cards that give your campaign credibility from the first impression, whether at the doorstep or at events.

Fundraising Envelopes

You need their money and they need a way to get it to you.  It is amazing how many campaigns don’t have envelopes when they announce. Don’t get caught off guard and miss an opportunity to get a donation. We can design, print and send your envelopes in time for your next event.

Signs, Stickers and Miscellaneous Collateral

They may not win elections, but you’re going to need them. We can design and print professional signs for anything you need: yard signs, media board for a press conference, banners, placards, or highway signs. We can do it all without breaking the bank.

Grassroots Solutions


In addition to our suite of phone services, we provide additional voter contact services, tools, and technology. These solutions can be fully integrated with each other to maximize your campaign’s grassroots reach.


Online Voter Database

Far too often, campaigns wing it with multiple spreadsheets, folders and files containing important information about voters and donors. Now, there is a dynamic database that integrates with all of your grassroots tools and stores your information all in one place. No longer do you need to search far and wide for information that you can literally find in seconds. Save yourself time and headaches with our Campaign Commander system today.


Door Knocking Apps

A lot of campaigns are simply the candidate, a few close family and friends, and a ream of paper that has a list of registered voters with the doors to knock on in their district. What happens with the data from those door knocking efforts is often a mystery. Now, we can eliminate all that hassle, duplication and loss of precious information with the revolutionary Cyrus door-knocking application. From your tablet, iPhone or Android, you can see which houses to hit or avoid and log in supporters, detractors and the all important undecideds with a click of a button. Upgrade your door-knocking data collection and save a few trees in the process.


Signature Gathering for Ballot Access

100% of candidates and issue campaigns that fail to make the ballot also fail to get elected. Olson Strategies has proven its ability to achieve ballot access at the district and statewide level and look forward to the opportunity to craft the right ballot access solution for you.

New & Traditional Media

Radio & TV Advertising

When most people think of political campaigns, they think of them in terms of the 30 and 60 second ads they see on their television or hear through the radio airwaves. When it makes sense for your campaign, this is one of the most powerful tools a campaign can use to achieve victory. At Olson Strategies, we create memorable radio and TV ads at a reasonable price and we look forward to the opportunity to work with your campaign to get your message out to the masses.


Website Design & Online Campaign

A campaign website is a window into your candidacy. It needs to be user-friendly and ready to engage voters to get them more excited about the campaign and election. Olson Strategies uses design techniques that make our websites aesthetically pleasing, professional and user-friendly to maximize your website’s appeal. Our priority is to make your website an integrated and effective part of your campaign.

OSA-Flame---Clear-Background-180x180Campaign Kickoff Package

Far too often, candidates simply jump into a race without having the infrastructure in place to maximize their announcement or tap into the initial excitement a campaign kickoff can bring one’s candidacy.

Our unique campaign kickoff package includes:

  • Initial website landing page and online donation setup
  • Initial social media setup
  • Mass email setup and kickoff email drafting
  • Logo Design
  • Campaign Banner, Placards and other necessary collateral
  • Donation Envelopes
  • Palmcard
  • Initial Press Packet
  • Communications Training and Message Development
  • One month political and fundraising consulting

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