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In a traditional phone bank, a typical volunteer can make an average of 26 calls/hour. With our phone banking solution, your volunteers could make more than 70 calls/hour.

Our smart phone bank technology reduces volunteer fatigue by eliminating the need to read phone lists, dial numbers, and leave answering machine messages.

Traditional campaign bottlenecks like data-entry are eliminated by streamlining the process of collecting and appending your voter identification information into your campaign database.

The combined effect is that you will be able to cover a lot more ground with a lot less effort.

Travel Unit

Comes in a padded, rolling travel-case and can handle up to 12 Phones.

Headquarters Unit

As the most scalable product with the highest capacity for phone lines, the HQ unit is the flagship product and provides the most bang for your buck.

Candidate Edition Unit

The Candidate Edition comes in 2, 4 and 5 phone configurations. Based on the price, the Candidate Edition is a solid choice–especially for smaller campaigns.

Technical Support and Training

With each system, we assist with the physical setup and help train your staff on the use of the systems’ online dashboard and actual phone usage.A technical support hotline is available for your phone bank managers to call during phone bank working hours.

Call (888) 414-1805 to get a quote or contact us below.

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